So this adventure began in my head in 2014. Our youngest son was a junior in high school and had been asking for us to get goats and chickens for a few years. Well with both boys involved in sports and then our youngest taking it to the extreme with wrestling year round, we could not fathom adding anymore to our plate at that point in the game. I began reading and reading and reading about goats and chickens trying to educate myself and figure out if we could actually start this adventure when the kids were closer to being out of high school. Well, after dragging the baby (he was taller than me!) to quite a few goat farms the fall of his senior year…. we decided we wanted to test the waters with the Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat. I had this crazy idea I could make goat soap and cheese for us and friends while still getting my fur fix and love for animals with the goats. My husband was all in as long as I spent the time doing the research and educating us both as to all the joys of goats!
Spring of 2015 that youngest boy (again) chose to spend his senior spring break building our first goat pen. I WAS SO EXCITED!!!! He built the shed out of pallets and drove all the t-posts in the ground for the fencing. Dad helped out with the fencing and we had a GOAT PEN!!! (So our oldest had graduated HS in 2013 and was off at school, so somehow he was able to miss the adventures of me dragging him to farms and all the talk his poor brother had to endure for a year!)
And so we were ready! Once again I drug that poor kid with me across the state to pick up our first 2 goats. We picked up Cookie and Feebee from opposite sides of the state in one day. (after all, I had read to get at least 2 and I didn’t want them to be lonely…) We started with Cookie and Feebee as they were pet goats and I was testing my goat skills. In all seriousness… I didn’t want to spend alot of $$ and kill them with my ignorance:( Our next goat was Toostie. She was our first registered Nigerian Dwarf and she was so pretty! Along the way we grabbed some baby chicks and ended up with all roosters… Slowly we got our first hens and MR Goatfeathers Farm was born!
We have learned alot along the way and finding a great mentor has been a blessing to us! We added 3 gorgeous girls from Yellow Rose Farm in the spring of 2016. Tootsies gave us triplets in September of 2016 (of course we got lucky with 3 doehlings and kept them all!) The adventure continues with constant learning and gaining knowledge from experience and being with other goat people! 2018 marks our first year to begin DHIR milk testing and our first Linear Appraisal of our girls. Wish us luck!